ESim Fundraiser for Palestinians

$21.00 - $27.00 Sold Out

Each pair of earrings pays for one ESim. Choose your price for a 3GB or 5GB eSIM.

We are donating all materials and labor. This is a 0% profit mutual aid project.
We have included the $5 cost of U.S. shipping in the price. If you are based outside of the U.S., get in touch about shipping to your area.

Each pair of earrings comes with a poem and a QR code that leads to a LinkTree full of educational resources and toolkits to get involved in the fight for Palestinian liberation.

After sales close on April 1st, we will purchase all ESims and post receipts on our stories and LinkTree.

Refusing to normalize genocide means shifting what we normally do into new shapes.

One reason we chose to do this project–
in addition to direct action, marching, learning, teaching–
is because we believe that everyone
is already doing something that can shift to fight for Palestinian liberation.

One of the tenets of white supremacy is “either/or thinking.” We reject this binary.

We know that direct action is one of the most essential elements of resistance.

We also know that channeling our existing skills and engaging in communities we’re already in is where we have the highest impact. Where we are is where we can shape change most effectively.

You already have a skill, interest or audience that can center
Palestinian liberation right now.

We write poetry and make earrings,
so right now we’re writing poetry and making earrings for Palestine.

Let’s lift the veil, embrace grief and anger as teachers and guides, and shift overwhelm and fear into action!

See the LinkTree to learn more.

About the design:

We are two long-distance best friends who have always shared a love of kites. We love to see the unbridled joy of Palestinian children setting the world record for most kites flown in photos and videos from 2011.

And we are full of grief and anger reading the work of martyred Palestinian poet Refaat Alareer, who symbolized prayers and calls-to-action through the image of a white kite in the poem
“If I Must Die.”

We chose green for the tail and red for the kite to allude to the poppies that bloomed across Palestine before the occupation.